SLIM CD’s suite of products provides solutions for all of the merchant's processing needs. SLIM CD allows banks to offer a single product that gives their merchants all of the features used by large merchants. Support for the SLIM CD is provided by the SLIM CD team so the bank can focus on banking. The merchant approval and back office risk-management process remains unchanged. Downloading terminals becomes unnecessary.  This saves time and effort, as SLIM CD will get the merchants processing right away.

SLIM CD provides additional risk management reports to the bankers enabling them to view bank-specific reports in real time. Daily summaries and per-merchant-account totals are at the banker's fingertips.
A single click on any item drills down to the details that comprise that item. Save hours of time investigating merchant transaction details by viewing the information you need, presented in the way you need to see it.

What Benefits does the Bank enjoy?
The SLIM CD provides risk management reports to the bank in real time via the Internet
Daily summaries and per-merchant account totals at your fingertips
SLIM CD solution is the only tool of its kind that eliminates all of the costly and time-consuming procedures of procuring and setting up credit card terminals, shopping carts, Internet gateways and fraud screening services in a single product.
Up to the minute transactional details are available anytime.
Back-end Monitoring and Control to view all your merchant activities
Ability to shut down, turn on, and change access to merchant processing for each merchant from the bank
One stop turnkey solution for terminal deployment, shopping carts, Internet gateways, front-end fraud screening and online reporting services
Revenue generation from the royalties received
Supports Retail, e-Commerce, Direct Marketing, Restaurant, Hotel, and Auto Rental
Eliminates the costly time of setting up credit card terminals, allowing merchants to begin processing credit card transactions within minutes
Supports card swipe devices, PIN pads, check readers, electronic signature capture and receipt printers
Includes a secure Internet gateway and fraud-screening services
A shopping cart is available as part of the SLIM CD, FREE of charge
Presents real-time statistics online, available in both banker-level views and merchant-level views

ITS EASY TO USE - You don’t need to attend classes for this software. You don’t need to read a 6-inch thick manual. It is simple and intuitive so you can get back to business.