Slim CD has worked with POS-X hardware to support an end-to-end encryption solution for developers and merchants.  With POS-X hardware encryption you can minimize risk to cardholder data by encrypting track data as it is swiped, and decrypting it at the processor.  Since our data is already sent encrypted, this minimizes the chance for the cardholder data to be captured anywhere along the route.  This limits the merchant’s risk during PCI audits, and adds an additional layer of security.

Slim CD has developed a system that allows a merchant to perform repeat customer transactions without storing any credit card data.  When a card is first run through our system, a token is returned representing that card number.  That token can then be used to perform repeat customer transactions, monthly transactions, credits, and more without any actual credit card data being stored!  This additional feature allows the merchant to offer the best service to repeat customers without having to worry about PCI scrutiny or cardholder data storage.

Slim CD Secure Sessions

Slim CD’s Lifeline technology allows a developer to create a program that calls out to a payment page hosted on Slim CD’s secure servers.  This completely removes the responsibility of handling credit card data from the developer’s product.  We allow you to remain outside the scope of PCI compliance while still retaining your ability to quickly and securely perform credit card transactions.  You can monitor the progress of the transaction in real-time and record success or failure of a transaction in your system, without touching credit card data!

Reduced Scope PA-DSS + PCI Validation

Slim CD is partnering with igxGlobal to provide our developers with reduced-scope PA-DSS and PCI validation.  Using our technologies, you will have an easier time developing a PCI compliant product for your merchants.  This gives you an edge over your competition, making sure you are on the cutting edge of information security.