Software you don’t have to support.  No crazy dial-up or difficult setups.  The suite of products covers anything your merchant needs in a single package.

SLIM CD is extremely easy to sell. The suite of products provides all the functionality your merchants need, both now and in the future.  From card-present to mobile to e-commerce, no single product can provide all of these features. Our staff provides pre-sales demos for your customers, takes care of the hardware setups, and provides training to the merchant staff after the sale is complet

Unbeatable sales tools for your people in the field,  The SLIM CD website and videos make it easy to show the products.  Our live person demos and webinars turn your prospects into customers.

Setup new accounts within minutes. Simply enter the information on our website, or FAX it to us and we’ll do it for you.

24-Hour help desk. Call anytime with questions.  Merchants can also do the same.

Manage your portfolio with a browser

We make it easy for you to set up payment gateway accounts, update merchant information, generate reports, and more. You can log on to our site and manage your portfolio with a web browser.

  • Add new services - you don’t have to stop with credit cards. When you're ready for new revenue streams, you can add new services at any time. Want to sell a gift card program to one of your existing merchants? Just log on to your portfolio and add it to their processing profile. Want to give them check services? It works the same way. And you don't need to visit the merchants’ location. The software will automatically make new services available to the merchant. Just flip a switch and they're ready to go.
  • Monitor your accounts - You can watch your portfolio from anywhere. Our reports lets you keep an eye on what your merchants are doing. Oversee your portfolio on the road, from home, from a laptop or smart phone.  Anywhere, anytime.
  • Get a handle on fraud - You set the level of risk you're willing to take. Slim CD allows you to block transactions based on bad AVS codes, CVV2 responses, etc. and allows you to keep an eye on bad traffic, day or night