Software downloads
SlimCD Demo Software - test drive our desktop software
SLIMBATCH-Installer.ZIP - SLIM CD Credit Card Batch Processing Program
SLIMACH-Installer.ZIP - SLIM CD ACH/Check Batch Processing Program
SlimCD Developer's API/SDK - includes code samples, cart modules, etc. (Sign up, then call us)
Wordpress Plug-in - Wordpress Plug-in to use SLIM CD and CART32
Slim CD for Quickbooks BETA - Quickbooks integration using Slim CD for payments and secure card storage
SlimCD for PC - Software to run EMV transactions on the new EMV PIN pads (now certified on Ingenico!)
Slim CD's "RICS to SlimCDforPC" patch - Work-around to allow RICS to run new EMV PIN Pads using the new "Slim CD For PC" software